GUPPY EFFECT (unplugged)

Hi Everyone.

After GUPPY EFFECT band practice today, we decided to go bowling. However, it was league play, so we couldn't get a lane. Instead we played shuffleboard and darts, both just as fun, and cheaper too - although the money saved went to buy more drinks, which our kidneys turned into urine. So essentially we pissed the money away, however you want to look at it.

But after we got back from the bowling alley, we decided to throw a COUCH CONCERT for my roommate Matt.

Here are some highlights.

1. GUPPY EFFECT (unplugged) performs "(Make the Water) Bubble" (original) by CACTUS JOE

2. GUPPY EFFECT (unplugged) performs "Wicked World" by Black Sabbath

3. GUPPY EFFECT (unplugged) performs "Robots" by Flight of the Conchords

Visit www.guppyeffect.com for more on GUPPY EFFECT and their music.


Beth Kille

Beth Kille is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Madison WI who performed at the COUCH CONCERT on Monday 3/8/10.

If you missed it, here are some performance highlights...

Beth's MySpace Site: www.myspace.com/bethkille

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