Come to Fat Boyz Open Mic Tonight! (If you are able...)

Hi Friends!

Once again, Cactus Joe and Fiends will be attending the Open Mic Night at Fat Boyz in Fort Atkinson WI tonight! It's always a rowdy fun time and you should come if you will be in the area.

It goes from 8 to 11 PM - although things really don't start heating up until about 9 PM, you'll want to get there before 9 to score $6 all-you-can-eat-wings (this is not a joke, and they are good wings too) - and it is upstairs in the Hog Den private party room (which has it's own bar!).

The Fat Boyz Open Mic substitutes for Cactus Joe's Open Mic during the off season (through the end of May). My open mic starts Wednesday June 2 from 7 to 10 PM at Brink Lounge in Madison WI, and you'll want to attend the first one of those because that is when we will be scheduling the musical slots for the rest of the Wednesdays of the summer through the end of August.

Yes, of course you can schedule a summer Wednesday slot with me before June 2 via E-MAIL or by simply commenting below. It's first come first served, but there will be NO WALK INS for my open mic this summer (Brink Lounge policy). Sadly, we tried that last year and it was a disaster. On the up side, time slots will be 30 minutes in length, so you can really shine. I'll even give you an hour if you really want it. But you need to convince me you will bring in at least 10 people. Brink likes to make some money...

But that has no bearing in tonight's fun at Fat Boyz, so come on down!



Won't You Help Me Save Fat Boyz (Fort Atkinson WI) Wednesday Open Mic?

Hi Music Lovers and Providers.

We have a situation!

Hog Pen/Fat Boyz (Fort Atkinson WI) open mic host Mario has been valiantly hosting an open mic night every Wednesday from 8-11 PM.

Notwithstanding $6 all-you-can-eat chicken wings, attendance has been light lately.

This will not stand! I realize we are in a downer economy and cultural illiteracy is at an all time high.

These are not legitimate excuses.

That's why I have decided to combine forces with Mario and help him save his open mic from THE MAN, who would like to shut down this awesome live music venue just to save a few pennies.


Let's let THE MAN know exactly what we think about that.

CACTUS JOE'S OPEN MIC will go "mobile" on Wednesday April 14. We will hold it in conjunction with Mario's Hog Den Open Mic Night at Fat Boyz (upstairs) in Fort Atkinson WI from 8-11 PM.

If the $6 all-you-can-eat chicken wings are not enough incentive for you, then do it for the troops, or the children, or the old ladies, or boosting your own ego,...I don't care.

Just be there!

Car pooling is available for the Madison folks if they want to meet at my house in Cambridge on the way. Be here by 7 PM if you want to share a ride. Otherwise, be at Fat Boyz in Fort Atkinson WI by 8 PM.

We can do this!




Cactus Joe's Americana Music Download is Just $1 (this week only...)

Hi Friends!

I'm feeling saucy.

So in honor of MUSIC MONDAY (it's a Twitter thing), I decided to make my album Cactus Joe's "Inspirado" available for download IN IT'S ENTIRETY for just $1 (11 of my best songs of 2007).

And it will be so for this entire WEEK! (but only this week...unless I feel saucy next week.)

Visit www.cdbaby.com/cactusjoe to preview it and download it for just a buck!

Also, if you download it and leave a written review of the record on CD BABY, I will give you a free AUTOGRAPHED copy of the actual CD (while supplies last, so don't delay!).