June 2 Open Mic Pre-Party 8-10 PM

Hi Everyone!

Please come to the Brink Lounge in Madison WI on Wednesday June 2 from 8 to 10 PM for my OPEN MIC PRE-PARTY.

I'll be hosting CACTUS JOE'S OPEN MIC NIGHT at Brink Lounge every Wednesday June - August (except June 9 and July 28) from 8 to 10 PM.

We'll be showcasing bands and artists at each event and Brink wants to have the schedule of performers IN ADVANCE of each date.

So, while it is not mandatory to attend the pre-party (open stage too - everyone gets a go!) on Wednesday June 2, it will be a great opportunity to score a day/time for the summer open mic season because I will have the calendar there.

If you can't make it on June 2, simply E-MAIL ME your preferred date and time slot (it can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes, but if you want 60 minutes, please ensure that you draw a good crowd!).

I will give precedence to bands and artists who show up at the pre-party on June 2. So if you can make it down to Brink that night, I'd love to party with you!

It's cheap wine night on Wednesdays at Brink, if that's any incentive. Red wine is extraordinarily good for your health and longevity.


CJ Open Mic Kickoff Party and Open Stage - Wednesday June 2 at Brink Lounge (Madison WI)

Hi Everyone!

My Wednesday Open Mic at Brink Lounge kicks off on Wednesday June 2 with an open stage party at the Brink. Bring your axe and we'll rock until everyone has had a go at the mic.

IMPORTANT: If you want to perform at the open mic this summer, it is really important that you attend this show (or get ahold of me via Facebook or e-mail ASAP).

This is because the Brink Lounge is asking that I pre-book open mic slots for the available Wednesdays from June - August. (Note: no open mic June 9 and July 28, due to events.)

Although there will be no walk-ins this year (unless there are no shows), musicians/bands can now book 30-60 minute showcase slots to flaunt their stuff for the Brink and its patrons (instead of the usual 15 minutes at other open mics).

Think of it as kind of like an Open Mic American Idol (only less lame and no Simon). We are taking it up a notch.

At the June 2 party, musicians and bands who want to book a future Wednesday night slot for the summer can do so. I will have the calendar available. I will also book via E-MAIL if you cannot make the June 2 party. However, I will not be able to book you until after June 2, to give party goers dibs on slots. So if you can come to the party, that is optimal.

The Brink will be looking for two things from the open mikers - musicianship & draw (how many people come to see you perform). The more people you can invite on June 2, the better for booking a slot later in the summer.

If you need help with promotion, please visit www.cactusjoeproductions.com and subscribe to the DIY musician blog. I will post tips and resources for marketing your music periodically.

So invite as many people as you want/can for the open stage on Wednesday June 2, and let's have a ball!