Cactus Joe's Song of the Day - "Ashlee" by Guppy Effect


Just something we threw together.


Cactus Joe's Song of the Day - "Mammal" by They Might Be Giants


It's Fat Tuesday. That doesn't have much bearing on my song selection for today's recital.

I just really like They Might Be Giants, and I always wanted to learn this song, but never got around to it.

Not many bands can do science themes in songs well. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS do.

In fact, they even have an album called "Here Comes Science" that is all about SCIENCE: http://bit.ly/6HsTO

You probably heard about it on NPR.

"Mammal" is not on the science album; it is on APOLLO 18. If you like my rendition, you can download TMBG's original version in mp3 format here: http://bit.ly/dpe68M

Keep in mind that I fully intend to perform the SONGS I learn for this blog at my live shows. If you want to come to a show, visit www.cactusjoeonline.com to find out where I will be rocking.

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Hi Everyone!

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Thanks in advance.


Cactus Joe's Song of the Day - "Better" by Flood Romeo


I realize you probably never heard of this band.

Flood Romeo was an indie rock band from Sioux Falls, SD in the late 90s. I chanced upon them because I played in a band with their soon-to-be drummer, Darren Matthes, in the mid-90s.

I always thought their song writing was excellent, and I was sad when they broke up in 1998 after releasing their only album "A Sugar-Coated Truth," which is no longer in print (I own a rare signed copy...).

So this cover of their song "Better" is a tribute of sorts.

Toby Kane and Dan Anderson, the principle song writers for FLOOD ROMEO, went on to form the TOBY KANE BAND. So if you like my rendition of this song, check out the TOBY KANE BAND at www.myspace.com/tobykaneband.

See you tomorrow.


Cactus Joe's Song of the Day - "Alison" by Elvis Costello


I have always liked this song and wanted to learn it.

No better time than Valentine's Day, since it's a nostalgic love ballad.

I'm told I sound a lot like Elvis Costello live, so I'd love to know what you think.

Comment on this post below.

Quick link to the song by the original artist: http://bit.ly/drtOYl


Cactus Joe's Song of the Day - "Classico" by Tenacious D

WARNING: Explicit lyrics. Do not play when THE MAN is near.

I had a belated New Year's Resolution to write and/or learn a song each day, largely inspired by FAWM's "14 Songs in 28 Days" challenge.

So I decided to video tape my "recital" of each song after I learn it and post on YouTube. I will post these videos here in between couch concerts. SUBSCRIBE to get notices when I post.

Today I learned "Classico" by Tenacious D, a song I have always wanted to learn.

Quick link to the original song by The D: http://bit.ly/9IMDJg