House Concert - Sunday July 4 @ Cactus Joe's Imperial Palace of Music

Hi Friends.

There will be a HOUSE CONCERT.

Oh yes.

There will be a HOUSE CONCERT.

It's Sunday July 4th from 3 to 6 PM at my house.

RSVP HERE: http://www.meetup.com/Madison-Energize/calendar/13833596

This HOUSE CONCERT is being organized via the MADISON ENERGIZE ACTIVITIES MeetUp group.

As such, you need to RSVP via the MeetUp site.

OR (if you don't want to sign up to the MeetUp Group, even though it's totally free!)...

You can just E-MAIL ME your RSVP and I will add you as a GUEST to my RSVP.

Those are your two options if you want to come. I would really appreciate an RSVP, instead of people randomly showing up. But if you are going to randomly show up, at least bring $5 and a side dish to share.

Guppy Effect unplugged acoustic is slated to perform. I am looking for another one or two musicians/acts to perform. They have to be 100% acoustic (no PA this time) and have transportation to Cambridge WI. Let me know if you or someone else is interested.

It's going to be a ball.


New Web/Blog Page Design

Hi Friends and Fans!

As you can see, the old Couch Concert web page has been replaced by this (imho) better one, thanks to BLOGGER joining the 21st century on template designs.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think or suggest other improvements.

Also, CACTUS JOE'S OPEN MIC is on for this Wednesday 6/16 at Brink Lounge in Madison WI.

It's from 9:30 to 11:30 PM and will feature several local Madison-area bands.

I already have all the 30-minute showcase slots filled except for one. So if you are in a local band that would like to perform this week, E-MAIL ME ASAP or post a comment below.

Otherwise, just come out and enjoy the music. It's FREE and bottles of wine are 1/2 off on Wednesdays at the Brink Lounge.



Seeking Local/Amateur Bands for 6/16 Brink Open Mic

Hi All!

My open mic at Brink Lounge on Weds 6/16 is seeking local Madison area new and amateur bands to showcase (30 min per band) from 9:30 to 11:30 PM.

First come first served until all 4 slots are filled. All genres welcome.

It is expected for the bands to bring in 5 to 10 fans at least, especially if you want to book a longer show in the future at Brink.

So if you are in such a band, or know someone who is, LMK ASAP.

A PA is provided.